Hi my name is Chris I have lived in Colorado now for 20 years I moved here with the intentions of staying i got into commercial work swinging high-rises in the downtown Denver metro area doing renovations I was doing windows strictly as weekend work with a good friend of mine I then decided to go into it for myself as an independent contractor while I have been doing this for myself full-time for 10 years now knowing how to update your home and increase the value of your home they say the best advertisement is word-of-mouth and order to achieve that goal of mine I refuse to put a whole lot out in advertisement and slowly but surely increase my customer base by doing quality work
A little info on work I have done
As for trying to list all the work I have done over the years it would be hard and take up to space there are a lot if i do work for you i will supply referrals
I hope that I can answer any questions you may have about vinyl windows and doors in the window world I live in we have a saying that vinyl is final and don't get me wrong wood windows are nice if you want to spend most of your time maintaining them the nice thing about vinyl windows is no maintenance once the windows are installed all you'll ever have to do is wash them